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Welcome to my Triumph website! I am currently in the multi-year process of performing a "frame-off" restoration of a 1965 Triumph TR4A.

This site is my online contribution to the larger Triumph community. There are people all over the globe restoring and driving these great little British cars, and I wanted to help them as much as they have helped me.

This site is a work in progress and I make no apologies for spelling and/or grammatical errors. It is dedicated to my mom who finally broke down and gave me the car in May of 2003. It is a diary of the project, complete with photographs that I take as I progress through the restoration.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your time here.


Guy D. Huggins
Mom in Triumph, Dallas, Texas USA
(circa 1988)

Home | Specs | History | Resources | Restoration | Needed Parts | How To

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The content of this page in intended only to communicate my own thoughts, actions and opinions while restoring my own automobile. It is not meant to serve as instruction for others to do maintenance on their vehicles.